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Set of 3, Gallery Baho  Art Posters, Art Sets, Vintage Style Baho  Art

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 An art gallery  Baho  art is an institution characterized by the sale of artwork in a formal environment organized by a group of people who run the gallery. An art gallery Baho art is a place where artwork is also exhibited and open to the public for viewing

An art gallery Baho art is a room or a building in which visual art is displayed. In Western cultures from the mid-15th century, a gallery was any long, narrow covered passage along a wall, first used in the sense of a place for art in the 1590s.[1] The long gallery in Elizabethan and Jacobean houses served many purposes including the display of art. Historically, art is displayed as evidence of status and wealth, and for religious art as objects of ritual or the depiction of narratives. The first galleries were in the palaces of the aristocracy, or in churches. As art collections grew, buildings became dedicated to art, becoming the first art museums.


Art Poster

Vinyl HD Art Poster ( Made in India )

Art Poster|Matte finished|Can be Used as Sticky Poster| Archival Quality High Ink |Epson or HP HD+ Printing| Durable | 100 % Color Accuracy

Fine Art Paper

Photo Matt Fibre 212 GSM by Art Paper ( Since 2000)

Museum-Grade paper|Matte finished|FSC certified & 100% Green Energy| pH Neutral, Acid Free & EC Free |Epson HP Printing|ISO 9708 conform / Museum Quality for Highest Age Resistance | 98-100% Color Accuracy

Museum Canvas

Fine Art Canvas 370 GSM by HP Print ( India -Since 2000)

Poly-Cotton-Mix|Matte finished & Canvas textured|FSC certified & 100% Green Energy| pH Neutral, Acid Free & EC Free|Epson  HP Printing | ISO 9806 conform / Museum Quality for Highest Age Resistance | 100% Color Accuracy


Premium High Quality Frames for Premium Art

Best for Gallery Wall Art Sets as they have modern look. The Framing is done edge to edge i.e. with any white matt mount | Available Frame Colors: Black, White, Dark Brown, and Natural Wood Blue ,and Hight Quality Frames


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Additional information


Fine Art paper, Museum Paper, Museum Canvas


8X12, 12 X16, 16X20, 20X28


white, Black, Brown, Natural